Foot Reflexology

A foot massage is a heavenly treatment on itself. Especially people who stand on their feet a lot or have to walk distances can benefit from a good foot massage. People who have experienced a professional foot massage might have felt a hint of foot reflexology. Because after a good foot rub not only your feet feel relaxed and great, your whole body has had an energy boost. Imagine what it feels like when the energy boost is intended!

What is foot reflexology?

Foot reflexology is based on the ancient Chinese medicinal tradition. It involves the art of applying pressure to specific areas or reflex zones in the foot which correspond to certain parts and organs in the body. By applying pressure to the reflex zones the connected body parts are being treated for stress, tension and minor health issues. Foot reflexology uses the bodily energy as all treatments that find their origin in Chinese medicine. By using this energy and treating energy blockages pain will be reduced, the body will relax and the blood circulation is stimulated. According to the Chinese tradition the nerves of the internal organs are centered around the soles of the feet which makes foot reflexology massage therapy a great way to treat any minor health issue. The massage therapist performing the foot reflexology massage will use her hands, fingers and a wood stick, also cream and oil will be used during the treatment.

Benefits of foot reflexology massage

As any massage treatment, foot reflexology massage will make you feel relaxed and energized. But reflexology massage offers way more than a regular massage therapy because it is based on the principles of reflexology and Chinese medicine. The treatment will stimulate the internal organs without any health risks. It can treat pain and stiffness in the muscles and muscle aches. The therapy can help treat and prevent headaches, stress, migraine and intestinal issues as constipation. Also, the body is stimulated to restore the natural internal balance of the body.