Full Body Massage

Full Body MassageImage you are tired, have trouble sleeping, you are stressed, have muscle aches and could use some relaxation time. It’s most likely you are suffering from one or more of the previous stated issues. Now image you booked a nice professional full body massage. The masseuse is experienced and well trained, she will visit you in your hotel room so you can enjoy the comfort of your own environment. The masseuse will treat your whole body and will take the time to address all and any of the bodily and mental issues you are dealing with. Is this hard to imagine? Not if you have experienced a full body massage booked at Hotel Massage Hong Kong!

Muscle aches and stress

Lots of people are dealing with muscle aches and stress related issues. Muscle aches can occur after hard labor, but also when you are using a bad posture while sitting at your desk for example. Stress can be the cause of various issues. Stress can cause headaches, sleeping issues, insomnia, neck pains, back pains and so on. Avoiding a bad posture and stress is the best way to avoid any of these issues, but a full body massage can be the answer when dealing with these pains.

A full body massage treatment

Several techniques are used in a full body massage to ensure every part of your body gets the treatment it needs and deserves. The main goal for such a massage is total relaxation and with that treat tense muscles, muscle aches and stress related issues. Usually the masseuse will start by giving the client the time to get accustom to her touch and try to relax the body as a whole. She will gently apply the massage oil to your back and will start to massage your neck, shoulders and back to make sure you are completely relaxed. Slowly she will work her way to the rest of your body giving you a massage experience like never before.