Thai Massage

Thai MassageEverybody has heard about Thai massage, but do you really know what a Thai massage is all about? Until you try a proper and professional Thai massage you don’t know what you’re missing. The Thai massage tradition is very old and has proven its health benefits by now. The tradition is based on stretching and deep tissue massage which makes it a great treatment for people who prefer a more serious massage and are a bit experienced in having massage treatments.

Thai massage treatment

A Thai massage is based on stretching the body parts and performing deep tissue massage to treat muscle aches and tension in the muscles. The client should wear comfortable clothing and no oil is used during this type of treatment. The stretching used during the treatment might feel a bit like yoga movements and are used to release stress and tension in the limbs and muscles. Muscles are treated by applying pressure and using pressure points to treat health issues. Also pumping pressure can be used that is connected to the clients breathing. The treatment is performed in various positions which gives your body the opportunity to relax without getting stiff. If you worry about the hard pressure used by the massage therapist please don’t hesitate to consult with your masseuse. A professional massage therapist is trained to use both soft and hard pressure so is able to adjust the treatment to your wishes.

Health benefits Thai massage

A Thai massage will make you feel both relaxed and energized. It can help reduce stress and treat feelings of tiredness and discomfort. By using different positions to perform the massage the body won’t get stiff and it helps to improve the blood circulation and flexibility of the body. Muscle aches, stress, tiredness and a lack of energy are treated by giving both your body and mind a boost of energy.